Chapter Book Submissions

Young Authors Publishing is excited to announce that we're accepting chapter book submissions! As a children's book publisher, we believe it's important for all children to know that their words and stories matter, regardless of their age. From September 1st - October 30th, we are accepting chapter books submissions from high schools students on topics of gender equality, overcoming injustices, self-love, and relationships. For more information on each category, please read the FAQ section below. 

All chapter book submissions will be submitted to a group of panelists who will judge the chapter book based on pre-selected criteria. One finalist will be selected for each category, and they will have the opportunity to go through the Young Authors book publishing process. All submitted manuscripts must be at least 60 pages and must contain 5-20 chapters. A $45 submission fee is required for each manuscript. 

Ready to Submit Your Story ? 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the themes/genres I can write about?

1. Gender Equality : Gender equality is something that is strived for all over the world. Tell us a story of how you have helped in the fight for gender equality. 2: Overcoming Injustices: Injustices are experienced by many people all over the world, tell us a story of how you experienced and overcame an injustice in your life. 3. Self-Love: What does it mean to love yourself? Tell us a story of how you expressed love for yourself. 4. Relationships: The relationships we have with family & friends play an important role in our lives, tell us a story about the importance of these relationships in your life.

Do we get feedback after submitting a book?

If selected as one of the finalists the young authors will receive feedback on their manuscript.

Are there any requirements for the book?

All manuscripts must be a minimum of 60 pages and contain 5-20 chapters.

How do I submit my book/manuscript?

Please use the link above to submit your manuscript. Submissions open Wednesday, September 1st and close Saturday, October 30th.

What format do I submit the book/manuscript in?

Please submit your manuscript in Word or PDF format.

Do I get a copy of the book when it is published?

Yes! All finalists will receive a copy of their book once it is published.

What type of book can we submit?

All manuscripts must be chapter books. They can be any genre as long as they fit the themes listed above

How long should the book be?

A minimum of 60 pages