Who We Are

Young Authors Publishing is a not-for-profit children’s book publisher that exists to share the stories of children, many who live in underserved and underrepresented communities. We believe that  all kids are story worthy, and should see themselves reflected in the books they read 


What We Do

Our model consists of three components: an eight week Experience Program, publish and earn. Our young authors go through our four month Experience Program, where they're paired with a writing mentor that helps them write their book. Young Authors are also taught financial literacy and public speaking . Our writing curriculum entails creative writing activities and a detailed course plan that leads to a published book. We include a financial literacy component that exposes our Young Authors to the fundamentals of saving and budgeting, in efforts to develop financially literate individuals. Royalties from young authors book sales are deposited into a secured savings account to access at 18 to use towards their post secondary plans.