Who We Are

Young Authors Publishing is a not-for-profit children’s book publisher that exists to share the stories of children, many who live in underserved communities. We believe that  all kids are story worthy, and we make it our mission to share those stories.

What We Do

Our model consists of three components: an eight week Experience Program, publish and earn. Our young authors go through our eight-week Experience Program, which teaches them how to write a compelling children's book and educates students on the fundamentals of financial literacy. Our writing curriculum entails creative writing activities and a detailed course plan that leads to a published book. We include a financial literacy component that exposes our Young Authors to the fundamentals of saving and budgeting, in efforts to develop financially literate individuals.


41% of children in the US live in low-income households, resulting in low college attendance and graduation rates, generational poverty, and low self-esteem. We love creating a self sufficient pathway for our young authors through book publishing, and allowing them to show their authentic selves through their stories.

Our Favorite Part



80%          20%

of royalties go to a secured savings account for each young author

of royalties go to programming cost


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