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2021 Holiday Gift Guide: Family and Friendship Books

If you're looking to take vacations from the comfort of your home this holiday season, you've come to the right place. We've curated the perfect Holiday Gift Guide filled with books about family and friendship for the little reader in your life. There's a diverse book for everyone!

1. New Kid Rule Book: Juliet and her dad have been moving around a lot due to gentrification. Moving so frequently caused Juliet to feel down, and she has a lot of anxiety now. With the help of the New Kid Rule Book, she overcomes these feelings and is more comfortable at her new school.

2. The Swap: An eight-year-old girl named Kyrah and her best friend Max attend school together. Max is Kyrah’s only friend. Their teacher, Ms. Porter, is not the nicest teacher. Some days, she hurts the students’ feelings and can be very mean. One day during class, Ms. Porter makes Max very sad and this upsets Kyrah! All day long, she thinks about ways to make her friend feel better. The following day, when Kyrah walks in class, she notices her name on the board and Ms. Porter sitting in her seat. What lessons will Kyrah teach Ms. Porter now that she's the teacher?

3. Sketches: Miles Hightower is a 14-year-old boy who loves art. His mom is his biggest supporter and cherishes all of his paintings. When she becomes ill, it breaks Miles’s heart. Soon, he finds out she can’t pay the medical bills, so he comes up with a plan to use painting as a way to capture his emotions. His paintings and art take him on a beautiful and enlightening journey.

4. Dinner Table Distractions: Addie Soundland is 11 years old and lives with her mom, dad, and sister. It's a family tradition for Addie to help her mom cook dinner. The dinner table is where Addie gets to spend time with her family; it’s so important! She loves spending time with her family, but now that her parents started a new business and her sister goes to school, they are all so busy. Instead of talking at the dinner table, her parents are sending emails and her sister plays games on her tablet. Addie comes up with a super secret plan to get her family back at the dinner table like old times. Will her plan bring her family back to the dinner table without the distractions of technology?

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