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5 Writing Prompts From Your Favorite YAP Book Characters

At Young Authors Publishing, it is our main objective to highlight the creativity of young minds. As our mantra states, “We believe that all kids are story-worthy.” While you may have an untold story inside you, it can be difficult to bring it to the surface. But, we want to encourage young authors to put their pens to paper and craft their narratives. So, below are five writing prompts, from our very own book characters, that will help to get you going!

1. Finn - The Missing Piece (2019)

Finn is a teenage scientist who loves skateboarding and pizza! After he sees a commercial on TV about an average new computer, he decides that he can create something much better, a supercomputer that can transform into anything! After Finn creates his supercomputer, he realizes that something’s not quite right. It looks just like an average computer! After a wise scientist tells him about an ancient missing piece, Finn thinks he knows where to find it: in the computer world! Will he be able to retrieve the missing piece and return to the real world, or will he be trapped inside his computer forever?

Prompt: Brainstorm a list of 5 original improvements to everyday technologies or objects. Describe how your improvements would be beneficial to society.

2. Fatima - Fatima the Activist (2020)

At Palm Valley Elementary School, the female students are being discriminated against by the other male students. A young girl named Fatima has had enough of this mistreatment, and decides she wants to do something about it! Fatima gathers all of the girl students to host a protest demanding equality. Will the girls finally be treated fairly by the boys?

Prompt: What are ways students can embody activism in their communities?

3. Dwayne - Dwayne’s Big Decision (2021)

Dwayne is an excellent basketball player, and he’s secretly great at the french horn, too! Dwayne has trouble deciding whether he wants to join the band or continue his reign as the king of basketball. The choice is really hard because he’ll be disappointing his teammates or his newfound band friend either way. Can Dwayne overcome peer pressure and do what makes him happy the most?

Prompt: Personify your favorite hobby (i.e., playing the french horn, playing basketball, etc.,) and write a poem.

4. Alex - Game Over (2022)

Video games are fun, but so is family! Alex is completely addicted to his video games! He ignores friends, family, and even skips his virtual classes. But, after Alex and his mom get sucked into one of his favorite games, they must beat it in order to get back home! Will Alex learn that family is more valuable than technology? Through adventure-filled twists and turns, "Game Over" teaches the importance of family and proves there can be a healthy balance between video game time and family time.

Prompt: Write a short story from the point of view of your favorite video game character.

5. Lila, Ashley, & Sarah - My Girls & Curls (2022)

It’s Lila’s birthday and what better way to celebrate than spending the day with her best friends, Ashley and Sarah, at the pool. Before going to the pool, Ashley gets a silk press, but that doesn’t stop her from jumping in the pool with her girls. Ashley’s curls come alive the moment she rises from the pool and she runs to the bathroom. Realizing her hair is no longer straight, she cries to her friends that she doesn’t know what to do with her hair when it’s curly. Lila and Sarah take it upon themselves to help Ashley style her natural hair. My Curls and Girls is all about friendships and learning to love what makes you naturally you.

Prompt: Personify your hair! If it were alive, what would it say and do?

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