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Author Spotlight Series: Matthew Miller & “A Week With Papa”

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

In A Week With Papa (2022), readers get to explore family history, intergenerational relationships, and more with protagonist, Jackson. After Jackson’s grandfather, Papa, receives a life-changing surgery, he visits Papa in the hospital and learns the value of spending time with loved ones. A Week With Papa invites readers to enjoy and reflect on meaningful illustrations of familial support.

In an interview with the author, Young Authors Publishing’s Assistant Editor, Brooke Shannon, learned of Matthew Miller’s writing takeaways, current reads, and advice to young creatives.

Brooke Shannon: What inspired you to write your book?

Matthew Miller: My relationship with my grandfather inspired me to write this story. After he got out of the hospital, there were many good times that are now significant to me.

BS: What was one takeaway about writing you discovered while writing your book?

MM: One takeaway is that writing isn’t as hard as people may think. Once you start writing, more ideas start to generate in your brain.

BS: Who is your favorite author and why?

MM: I don’t have a favorite author, but I am reading a book by Kwame Mbalia that I enjoy.

BS: What do you hope readers will take away from your book?

MM: I hope readers will take away from my book that spending time with loved ones is important because you’ll have memories with them to remember.

BS: What advice would you give to young authors or creatives?

MM: The writing process may not be easy, but it’s definitely not impossible. So, don’t think you can’t do it because you can!


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