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iReadify x Young Authors Publishing: Let’s Prioritize Diverse Children’s Books

From characters and plots to the settings where stories take place, children’s literature is often a young reader's first glimpse at themselves reflected in media. However, the historic lack of diversity in children’s literature has created a representation gap that has silenced the stories of marginalized communities for far too long. While there’s still much work to be done, many organizations are making amplifying diverse stories a cornerstone of their mission, and with good reason.

According to Scholastic, diverse literature plays a crucial role in early childhood development. When children see themselves reflected in books at an early age, they’re able to increase their sense of confidence and belonging and deepen their understanding of their cultural history and community. It’s empowering for children to witness characters with similar backgrounds experience and overcome challenges, both great and small, and diverse books encourage young readers to make an impact in the world around them.

Not only does diverse literature help young readers identify with their own communities, but it also helps them identify and empathize with other cultures. Books have the power to act as a lens into other communities, and when children can connect with different cultures from a young age, it helps them build respect for others and understand the similarities and differences in people outside of their immediate circle.

Through iReadify, children can explore diverse stories through eBooks with authentic dialects and cultural illustrations. The platform boasts not only diverse characters and storylines but also books written by diverse young authors. Stories published by Young Authors Publishing, such as Fatima the Activist and Trevon’s Globe-Trotting Adventures, are available through iReadify and are all written by young authors under the age of 18.

Take the time to fill your young reader's bookshelves with diverse stories. Help them develop their perception of the world through stories that reflect the many cultures the world offers. By doing so, you’re not only supporting the next generation of leaders but also impacting the next generation of young learners.


About iReadify |

iReadify provides families with ad-free, kid-friendly, and age-appropriate content. They work closely with publishing partners, authors, and narrators to make sure that the books' authenticity is captured in a digital environment. Subscribers can listen to audiobooks, read-aloud stories, and watch videos about diverse characters and cultures.

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