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Meet our 2020 Writing Mentors

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

We're so excited to welcome our 2020 Writing Mentors to the Young Authors Publishing Family! Writing Mentors are a vital part of making our mission a reality. They are not tutors, nor are they solely a mentor. Writing mentors are responsible for helping bring the stories out of children and into published books that will break the cycle of poverty. Read below for a closer look at our Writing Mentors and their goals for the year!

Kwand Lang Jr.

Classification: Sophomore

Theme Song: The Way Life Goes

Favorite Book: The Hunger Games

Future Career: Teacher, Education Policy

Fun Fact: I'm from Philadelphia!

What I'm looking forward to: "I'm working to help bridge the literacy gap between black/brown children and whites."


Aisha Miller

Classification: Junior

Theme Song: DJango Jane

Favorite Book: Black Love Mixtape

Future Career: Elementary Teacher

Fun Fact: I lived in Japan for 5 years.

What I'm looking forward to: "I am looking forward to working with the kids and getting to witness the students through an amazing experience."


Annette Lanking

Classification: Freshman

Theme Song: Closer - Goaple

Favorite Book: Helium by Rudy Francisco

Future Career: Teacher

Fun Fact: I can recite Maya Angelou's "A Rock, A River, A Tree"

What I'm looking forward to: "learning more about my leadership style"


Kayla Walthall

Classification: Freshman

Theme Song: Focus

Favorite Book: Of Mice and Men

Future Career: Early Childhood Educator

Fun Fact: I own 2 turtles

What I'm looking forward to: "working with children and helping them become better writers and expressing themselves"


Aniya McCorvey

Classification: Freshman

Theme Song: Breakdown by J. Cole

Favorite Book: The Hate You Give

Future Career: 1-3 Grade Teacher

Fun Fact: I am obsessed with Orcas.

What I'm looking forward to: "working with kids and helping them create something that I know they will cherish forever"

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