Sea Rod: A New Wave

Sea Rod: A New Wave


All summer vacation Lance surfs on the beach, until one fatal afternoon he falls into the ocean. Lance spends seven days under water, until he emerges as Sea-Rod. A crime-fighting superhero. Whose powers include teleportation, talking to animals, a magic ring, and a shield and sword made out of shells.

Sea-Rod spends most of his days cleaning up Flame Island and fighting the evil super villain Inferno, who is mind controlling the town to litter. Will Sea-Rod save the town? Will he stop Inferno's evil plans? Will Flame Island ever be clean?

After you check out this book will be packaged and shipped to Reading Partners headquarters. From there they will distribute this book to children who need it most. Copy and paste the address listed below when checking out.

Reading Partners 180 Grand Ave. Suite 800 Oakland, CA 94612.



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