Taming The Flame: A Story of Mastering Emotions

Taming The Flame: A Story of Mastering Emotions


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Expressing emotions can be a challenge, but the reward is far greater! On Goddess Island, Halo has always been supported and loved by friends. With his lightning powers, Halo knows how to do every technique! But, bully, Drake, struggles perfecting his powers of fire. With no support system, Drake doesn't know how to express his loneliness and bullies Halo! Will Drake learn how to properly master both his powers and his emotions?


Filled with warmth and honest storytelling, "Taming the Flame: A Story of Master Emotions" proves that emotions can be managed in a way that breeds kindness and healthy friendships.

Salathiel Murphy is 12 years old and is in the 6th grade. He enjoys acting, gaming, and making friends. A few movies and TV series Salathiel has acted in are "Little" (2019), "Watchmen" (2019), and "Stargirl" (2020). In the future, Salathiel wishes to become a largely known actor and use his platform to help others find their passions.