The Helpful Duo

The Helpful Duo


Twins Amir and Angel are very lucky. They have each other, and a father who encourages them to be the best they can be. However, when they leave homeschooling to start at a public school, they discover not everyone is as fortunate as they are.


The twins notice that sometimes, their less fortunate classmates get bullied for being poor. Instead of ignoring this, Amir and Angel work together to help their school friends learn how to be kind and embrace everyone’s differences, no matter what they may be.


The Helpful Duo teaches young readers the importance of kindness and the value of genuine friendship to those who are less fortunate.

Format: Hardcover

Pages: 26

Size: 8 x 10 

Age Range: 5-8 years

ISBN: 978-1951257026

Publication Date: 09/14/2019