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The Book Subscription Box for Kids

Discover curated book boxes and activity guides that keep young learners excited about reading!

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Help your young learner discover the joy of reading with stories written by kids for kids. 

All of our stories are written by Black and Brown children and come with free activity guides to encourage engagement beyond the pages. 

Little Learners Box

Encourage young readers to expand their imaginations through creative stories with meaningful messages. 
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Big Ideas Box

With stories that build critical thinking skills and highlight coming-of-age topics, young readers are sure to love these dynamic books!
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  • What format do I submit the book/manuscript in?
    Please attach the first ten pages of your manuscript to your submission packet.​
  • What types of books can we submit?
    Each of our imprints, Young Authors Publishing and Muse Books, produces titles that cater to different audiences. Please refer to the top of the page to choose the best home for your story. ​ ​ ​ ​
  • Do we get feedback after submitting a book?
    At this time, feedback and editorial support are only offered to manuscripts that are accepted to be published.
  • What happens once my book is published?
    After manuscripts are finalized, we collaborate with our authors to create a robust marketing plan to prepare their book for publication and distribution. All of our titles are distributed through Ingram Content Group, ensuring worldwide availability wherever books are sold.
  • Can I submit an idea without a manuscript?
    If you have an idea for a title, please send us an email! If our team decides to move forward with your narrative, we'll create a plan to guide you through the publishing process.
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